09. Quilt
by Rory Crichton

Designed to complement Chair for the roof of the Palmyra Hotel

Hand screen printed patterns on ‘optic white’ linen base. For Miami the quilting works with the design, for Optrex a lattice pattern has been applied.

Miami: L1300mm × W2000mm
Optrex: L1300mm × W2000mm

Initially I developed my ideas on the computer, before investigating colour and scale. We then sampled on various fabrics for the print quality; since the designs themselves were quite simple, I wanted the base cloth to have a texture – I went for linen, a furnishing fabric I’ve always liked. And I chose the ‘optic white’ in order to keep the aesthetic very pure...almost like looking at a computer screen. The quilting worked in two ways: I decided to ‘follow’ the design for Miami by using a simple stripe quilting technique, and to ‘interrupt’ for Optrex, using the classic lattice quilting pattern, criss-crossing over the design.

– Rory Crichton (Wrap Issue 9)