04. Komon Light
by Briggs & Cole

Floor/table light with integral LED lighting. Perforated brushed stainless steel & anodised steel construction.

Triangle: H590mm × W200mm
Rectangle: H590mm × W530mm

Vita side table


Komon Light, 2013, designed by Jane Briggs & Christy Cole. The simple yet sophisticated form of this design is akin to geometric shard, or collage fragment. The warm LED panels are designed in the form of a rectangle and triangle which can be isolated or replicated within a group setting. The design takes its cue from the representation of two specific types of Japanese Komon pattern, interspersed with new design layers of collage from Briggs & Cole.

Both geometric grid patterns reference lines and perforations to create a captivating and unique design. Evenly distributed portions of warm light ‘filter through’ two specially designed perforated film patterns. The highly intricate flat plane stencil screen patterns are exposed through LED illuminated edges to explore three-dimensional structures of light and shadow. Lines and shapes are drawn, folded, hand cut, condensed, reconfigured and laser cut.