03. Shrines
by Dean Brown, Callum Brown & Namyoung An

Solid oak construction with hand painted coloured patterns. Bespoke blown glassware to selected units.
Steel components in RAL 1018 and RAL 6027.

L725mm × W190mm × H370mm

Shrines Shelf

L365mm × W150mm × H410mm
(with glass vase)

Shrines Corner

L550mm × W225mm × H440mm
(with removable mirror piece)

Shrines Mirror

L445mm × W210mm × H780mm
(with glass bulb holder)

Shrines Cabinet


A collection of contemporary Shrines retain the character and iconography of the traditional commemorative shrine, while adopting new contents that apply to modern living. The four micro furnitures are loosely associated with the typologies of a cabinet, a shelf, a vase and a dresser, to venerate the everyday rituals and artifacts of personal significance. As open platforms they invite to be furnished with a much loved book, a freshly cut flower or a bottle of your finest, to name a few.

They adhere to the notion of caring about a few special items, to present as much as to store. The eclectic mix of materials and colours reflects the cultural vibrancy of the many kinds of traditional shrines ­using painted motifs, light and hidden space to achieve a sense of hierarchy and reverence. Keeping to tradition, the situational space and the contents of the Shrines play equally important roles.