01. Kit Table
by Toby Paterson

Birch plywood construction with double sided Formica laminate to top.

L1500mm × W690mm × H345mm

Kit Table
Blaze Red F2824 Top
Choco F8757 Underside

Marine Blue F7914 Top
Sun F4155 Underside

Artic Blue F5493 Top
Dark Chocolate F2200 Underside

Oyster Grey F7929 Top
Bermuda F2478 Underside


The development of the Kit Table arose out of mundanely practical circumstances, none of which have anything to do with self-assembly flat pack furniture. Not long after our first son was on the move he gave the coffee table a Glasgow Kiss: not a great move given that it was a chrome-plated steel and glass Robin Day affair. It was a lovely thing but it had to go and my mind turned towards a more child-friendly replacement.

I’d had a little money saved that my grandmother had left me so I abandoned my futile attempts to buy a painting by Chicago musician/artist Sam Prekop and looked into the possibility of designing a table specifically tailored to our living room set up. A detail on a £2 charity shop found adjustable-height writing table coalesced in maquette form with views from afar of Aalto and Perriand. There followed conversations with Joachim King, these leading to a ply and laminate one-off that sees heavy everyday use. It still hurts if you headbutt it, but least it doesn’t draw blood...

It made sense to name it after the boy responsible and now, with some proportional and structural refinements building on the original idea, GOODD have seen fit to produce a series in four different colourways. These retain the notion of having a differently coloured balancer on the underside so that, whether you’re lying on the ground playing with a small child or have sustained a furniture-related head injury, a small surprise awaits you.

— Toby Paterson, August 2013