EE – Connected Life


The project consisted of a collection of micro projects designed to update the existing EE store environments for roll out across the UK in 2015. We evolved a standard retail environment into a ‘Connected Lifestyle’ experience introducing new customer zones and touchpoints which included:

Connected Zone: A new zone to express EE’s ‘connected’ offers which included Broadband, EETV, Wireless & Wearables

RMT: Remote Transaction Areas were introduced to help staff engage with customers throughout the store, providing quicker turnaround times.

Accessories Area: Reformatted to highlight offers and 3rd Party manufacturer promos.

Tablets Table: Focussed on tablet devices and new wireless/connected offers.

Back Wall/Counter: A cost effective design to provide impact and brand message to the rear of the store.


Client: Everything Everywhere
Location: UK
Type: Retail
Scope: Concept, Strategy, Design detailing