DCA Environmental Signage

The DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) is Dundee's main visual arts centre where leading international and British contemporary art is showcased through its artistic programme and gallery spaces. The arts centre also combines an art house cinema, print studio, café restaurant and an activity space.Built in 1999, the building was designed by Richard Murphy Architects and was recognised instantly for its innovative repurposing of the former garage site.

With its twenty year anniversary approaching the DCA were keen to review how the buildings visibility and existing customer experience could be revitalised whilst maintaining the integrity of the original design. The signage approach incorporated a wide range of print and hand painted techniques that internally and externally worked with the buildings existing architectural features. The external signage addressed the building approach from a number of potential “visitor paths”. Key features such as seating, bike storage and locker space were also specially designed to compliment the new visual approach. Since September 2018 and the completion of the works, the buildings visitors numbers have increased by 20% with locals and visitors hailing the success of the environmental signage approach in helping the DCA redefine itself within the city in both practical and visual terms.


Client: Dundee Contemporary Arts
Location: Dundee